Sayan Dey

Developer Experience at Matrix Media

A self taught enthusiastic web developer from Kolkata. Who loves modern web technology, web stuff creation, and interactive coding layouts.

Sayan Dey

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Life Journey


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    Joined Matrix Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 🥳

    I joined Matrix Media as a Senior Web Developer. I have been working in this role since May 2023 and I am responsible for the development and maintenance of websites and web applications.


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    Built and Deploy 🌐

    Built and Deploy Open-Source Portfolio with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Prisma ORM, PlanetScale,, and Vercel.

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    Full-Stack Journey

    Learning NodeJS, MySQL along with React. The best practices to build products and web apps which can scale easily.

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    Edology 1 Year Journey

    Completed 1 year and gained experience as Industrial Developer in Edology. Contribute to 75+ websites and their technology. It's been a great journey for me.


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    Learnt Frontend Development

    Learnt and focus on HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript for responsive and modern web app. Picked Bootstrap and TailWind CSS as my primary framework.

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    Joined Edology :)

    Joined Edology as a Web Developer. Do custom theme development, convert the static site to dynamic, and executed tactics to make the web faster.

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    Created COVID-19 Tracking System

    Build a web app to track latest Coronavirus update vaccination slots avavility in their area and city.


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    Published Bloggingmetrics

    Bloggingmetrics helps you to learn blogging tips, tricks, strategies, techniques. Help you to create dazzling blog content to hyperloop your blog.

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    Explore .NET Framework

    Joined G.T.T.I (George Telegraph) to learn object-oriented programming like C#. Mostly play with ASP.NET and SQL database.

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    Internship - TechYuga

    Got an Internship at TechYuga as a Field Engineer Intern. Where our team develop, build, and maintain network architectures.


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    Learn Network Structure

    I attended a computer network architecture course in our city. This is a big achievement for me as I got the best student award and learned a lot from here.

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    Introduced to Open Source ⚡️

    Always love Open Source Software and Open Standards. I got to know about Free Software Foundation, Git and GitHub, and Linux systems.

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    C and C++

    Started learning logics and basic programming fundamentals with Object Oriented Programming.

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    Started Blogging

    After lots of research, I bought a domain called and started my blogging journey. Basically, I write about computer and network problem fixing.

  1. ThinkInnovative idea's.

  2. CodeUtilize on VSCode.

  3. DeployPush it on Server.

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